Faux Abalone With EasyCast

 This is the fifth gemstone I recreated with EasyCast:  Abalone.
Isn't it gorgeous!
 If you have been following the blog I am using recipes designed by Marie Browning to create gemstones with EasyCast.  You can find all these recipes here.
 To create Faux Abalone you need to review yesterday's blog on how to make a Faux Opal.  You follow the basic opal making procedure.
 You top the mold cavity with a layer of mixed EasyCast coloured with Castin'Craft Black Opaque Pigment.
Let cure.  Then pop out the new gemstone!

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I hope you enjoyed this week of gemstone making.
I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxed long weekend.
Let's hope Mother Nature is kind.