Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faux Jade With EasyCast

 I have another gem stone to share with you today!
 Last week I introduced you to the free e-book that Environmental Technology Inc has on their website:  EasyCast Resin Jewelery.  Marie Browning wrote and designed all the projects and I followed her recipe to make Faux Amber.
Following her recipe made me think of this movie.
And in many ways I am "the Julie" recreating the master chef's recipes.
 The Faux Jade recipe is unbelievable simple!
Measure and mix EasyCasthttp://eti-usa.com/easy-cast/.
Add Castin'Craft Green and Amber Transparent Dyes
 Add drops till you reach your desired shade.
 Add one drop of White Opaque Pigment for a semi-translucent piece.  
Mix well and pour into mold cavities.
Sprinkle a few pieces of black polymer clay bits into the cavity.
Let cure.
Faux Jade!!
I was a little heavy handed with the addition of the white pigment.  Next time I will add a little less!
Tomorrow:  Rose Quartz!

Post for the Amber Recipe


  1. Another beauty! I love it. Bold and classic. I have a fine 18K gold pin with jade pieces (that got broken) and it has the same feel as this.

  2. easy cast is something i really need to try. i've been wanting to use it as enamel for sometime now, but the discovery of your blog has really brought to light just versatile it is.
    thank you!

  3. Great - does that mean I'm Julia Child? Great job, as always Carmi! Also, just a note, I was not the only creator of the projects in the book - designs by Barb Chauncey, Patricia Kimle, Jill Mackay, Hilary Stephens and Malana Watt Corn were also included.


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