Friday, August 26, 2011

EasyCast-Clear Casting Epoxy - Marie Browning Projects

 Which amber is real?
Okay, that wasn't too hard because the real amber is already in a beautiful silver bezel.
 I wonder if you have seen the free books you can download as a PDF from Environmental Technology Inc?  EasyCast Resin Jewelery is chock full of amazing samples and projects.  If you were wondering what to do with your finished molded items I think this guide will give you plenty of ideas.
 The "Amazing Amber" section knocked my socks off.  Marie creates the most amazing samples and her instructions are excellent.
 This is my idea of a recipe book!
I printed this page so that I could try every "recipe" Marie included to make Faux Gems.

To make Faux Amber the recipe calls for:
EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
A pinch of crushed dried rose petals
A pinch of copper metallic flakes
A pinch of gold metallic flakes
A mold
A few pieces of black polymer clay bits.
 I had everything I needed for the recipe!  
The only thing I added was a pinch of Mica flakes.
 This is way more fun than baking.....
 My mold positively glowed when I poured in the contents.  I probably could have added a little less copper flake......but I still love the end result.
Isn't this gorgeous!  This is definitely going to become a pendant!


  1. This is beautiful. I also like to make a similar design which features transparent black resin with white opalescent flakes. It looks like a black opal.

    Another alternative I love is to mix Pearl colored Pearl-Ex and a little iridescent Pearl-ex (pink, blue, violet or green for variation) with resin, add the white opalescent flakes and ta-da - you have a gorgeous white opal.

  2. WOW! How gorgeous is that! Very realistic looking. I think it would be fun to find a little mosquito and place him in there as well, just for that added realism. ;-) So many possibilities with techniques like these. Thanks for sharing this with us Carmi!

  3. WOW! That's fabulous. Thank you for the download link.

    P.S. I love the mosquito idea!!

  4. Hi Cindy! I did hunt for a bug in my stash....but I did not find anything small enough. Jurassic Park was paying all week too so I was thinking it would be a fun idea....but, there is always next time!

  5. I had so much fun working out the recipe for the perfect amber! You are doing a great job Carmi!

  6. It looks so good! Thanks for the post about the book of ideas, I want to check it out!

    Also, this would look great as a pendant!

  7. Your gorgeous work causes me to spend way too much money on Envirotex Lite supplies (I can feel Easycast coming on as well)! But I love using them all. Hehe I am going through a personal Renaissance of what I did 20 years ago and it all feels new again. Thank you, I love your blog. :)

  8. I was totally impressed with your work, I was thinking how résine epoxy have a lots of benefits specially applying or fixing things. Thanks for the share over all of your blog post was so appreciable.

  9. I love this!! Thanks for the links to the online books, they're great!!


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