Faux Rose Quartz with EasyCast

 This is my third Faux Gemstone:  Rose Quartz!
 If you have been following the blog I am using recipes created by Marie Browning to create gemstones made with EasyCast.
 Rose Quartz begins with a small batch of EasyCast.
Add Castin'Craft Red and Pearl Transparent Dyes for a light pink hue.  (I noticed that my Red Pigment was overpowering the mixture so I literally used a tiny drop on the end of a tooth pick instead of the full drop from the bottle.)
 Add a pinch of Metallic flakes.  
Mix well and pour into mold cavity.
I let this set up for a little over 30 minutes so the resin was starting to gel.
 Then I mixed a tiny bath of EasyCast and added White Opaque Pigment.
 I dropped a little of the white mixture into each mold and swirled the mixture!

I had no idea how the gems would look out of the mold.  I was so happy to see that they turned out great.  No two will ever be alike!

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