Making Letter Molds with Silicone Putty

One of my favorite things to do is to make my own molds from EasyMold Silicone Putty!  So when I was creating a memo board of sorts to keep notes posted....I thought it would be great to make molds from the wooden letters I had bought, so that I would always have them available to make letters out of Resin or Clay whenever I needed them for a project...

Here's how I started:
I got out my Silicon Putty

Measured out two equal balls of part A and B

 Mixed them together 

Until I have a uniform color.

 I pushed my 2 1/2" wooden letter into the Silicone Putty and repeated for all of
 the letters I was using.  I let them set up for about 20 minutes.  
PLEASE NOTE: If you want to use the mold right away with resin, bake it in an oven for 
about 30 minutes on 350 degrees, and let cool.  Otherwise wait 48 hours for the mold to 
cure completely before using with resin.  

Once the molds were ready I mixed EasyCast┬« 
(get instructions here) with a couple drops of Black Opaque Pigment 
and poured it into the letter molds.  I waited 24 hours for them to set and be ready to use.
I glued the letters onto a distressed board to say "Notes".  I then on three clothespins,
centered under "Notes", and glued Resin Flowers (I created from the post on Tuesday)
on top of the clothespins.  I added a couple additional flowers in the corners.

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