Creating Resin Flowers

Resin Flowers were on my mind a few weeks ago so I thought I would give it a try using EnviroTex Lite.  I love the result I got... 

See all of that wonderful shine?
Here's How I created them...

EnviroTex Lite
Assortment of flower petals, paper or fabric
Surface to work on

Apply a layer of Ultra-Seal onto one side of the flower petals with paintbrush.  Let Dry.
Apply a second layer of Ultra-Seal onto one side of the flower petals.  Let Dry.
Repeat for the back side of the petals.  

Measure out equal parts of the EnviroTex Lite resin and hardener.
 Then mix them together and stir for two minutes.

Then pour into a new container and mix for another minute.

Brush a thin layer of  EnviroTex Lite onto the flower petals.  Let dry 4 - 6 hours.
Brush on a second layer and let dry for 12 hours.
Repeat for the back if desired.

Once they are dry you will have a wonderful assortment of petals to create flowers.

Layer 3 petals together and put a brad through the center.

This photo does not do the resin flowers justice as they are just so cool!

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