Resin As A Glaze

I found these odd copper parts in my travels.  I am sure that a plumber might know what they are. I like them because they have two pre-drilled holes I can work with.
 I want to show you a fast way to decoupage these copper pieces.  I like to use interesting napkins for this technique.
You really need to work on a non stick surface.  This brown sheet is non stick.  Unfortunately it makes all my pictures dull.  But it is the best surface.  I put a lot of clear glue or mod podge on the napkin and then press my copper piece into the glue and napkin.  It is really easy to tear the napkin when it is wet so be gentle with the brush you use to apply the glue.
 Later when everything is dry I can peal the napkin with the copper already attached from the non stick sheet.  Then I trim away the excess napkin which is very strong after all that glue dries.
Then out comes the Envirotex Lite!  (If this is your first time on this blog you might want to read my entry on mixing your resin so you can see where this dollop of resin came from.)  I pour a small circle or resin onto the copper and with a paint brush I make sure the entire surface is covered just like I would if I was using a glaze.
While the resin is drying I add in an embellishment or two.  This resin will harden very quickly because it is a very thin coating.  I still let the piece rest a full 48 hours to make sure my resin is fully cured.  Tomorrow we'll continue working with the copper pieces!

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