Bottle Cap Tutorial - Part Two

The flattened bottle caps cured nicely!  Although the resin layer is thin, it makes the glitter look like it is floating and all the darker colours in the paper are now a deeper hue.

The un-flattened bottle caps are still in production.  The first resin pour has also cured.  I only filled these bottle caps to a little over the halfway mark.  At this point I use markers and paint to add a few more circles and embellishments to this top layer of resin. 

See how the pink paint now sits on the top layer of resin?  The glitter around the bee is also a new addition to this layer.


Then I mixed up a little more Envirotex Lite.  A one to one ratio.  I measured out an equal quantity of both the hardener and resin and mixed both into one new cup.

Now I can fill the bottle caps to the brim!  You'll notice that when you pour fresh resin on dried resin that there are way fewer bubbles.  I made sure all the bubbles were popped and then I set these three bottle caps aside for the night.

They looked fantastic after 10 hours and I now set them aside to cure for another 36 hours.
Tomorrow I'll show you a few techniques to turn these bottle caps into something you can wear or share on an art card.

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