Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Resin Marbled Coasters

Marbling with EnviroTex Lite is an easy process as I shared with you in the last post.  Today I am going share the process a bit further with marbling coasters.  

I bought some inexpensive tiles from a home improvement store and thought I would try two different colors.  I choose I painted one tile with Chalk it Up! Plum Preserves and the other in Licorice and let them dry.  Then, since I wanted to add a bit of shimmer I went other with a coat of Iridescents in Amethyst and Onxy and let them dry.

 I measured out 2 1/2 ounces of the hardener...

 then, added 2 1/2 ounces of the resin and mixed together for 2 minutes.  I poured the mixture into a second cup and mixed for another minute. 
 Then, poured some of the mixture into 3 cups evenly (I kept some aside in case I decided that I wanted more of one color as I was working).  

 I mixed in a small amount of Iridescents each cup, in the following colors: Onyx, Amethyst and Snow,  I stirred these in until I was happy with the color.

 I started by generously pouring some of each color onto the Amethyst tile...

 then, I lifted and turned the tile in each direction...adding more colors when needed.

 Until I was happy with the result...

 I worked on top of a cup so the excess could run off and I used a stir stick to remove the drips from the bottom of the tile.

I simply love the results!

I did the same steps with the Onyx tile...

and love the results of this one also....

Amazing that these two tiles used the same colors, the only difference was the base coat...have some fun and see what color combination you like....the results are awesome and wonderfully different every are going to love this technique! 

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