Marbleizing with EnviroTex Lite Resin

One of the classes we taught while at the CHA Mega Show last week was Marbleizing with EnviroTex Lite...This is a quick and easy technique that leaves simply stunning results...

I will be sharing more on this techniquc in my next I am sharing the process and some of the attendees projects....they are so cool!!

 Paint your item a solid color, for the workshop we painted the wood base black, and let it dry.  Mix up 2 to 3 times more EnviroTex Lite then what would cover the surface you will be marbling.   Choose 3 to 4 colors to use in your marbling, and divide your EnviroTex Lite equally into separate cups.   Mix paint into each cup, one should be black and one should be white, for the project above the third color was grey....some of the students also choose a 4th color, which was brown.

Pour each color onto the base as shown above, starting with black and ending with white, you will not need as much white as the other colors.

 Pick up the base and lift so that the resin starts to run together and drip.

 Turn it in each direction, letting the excess run off the edges.

 You can add a bit more of a color if you want and continue until you are happy with the results.

Place some small cups under the base to hold it off the work surface.  You should work on a non stick surface, you can catch the drips and save them once they are dry for other projects....if you need more around the edge, simply drip a bit more color near the edge and it will drip off and cover the edge.  You can use a craft stick around the bottom of the base to keep it clean...let set for 24 hours and finish off with a clear coat of EnviroTex Lite.

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