Personalized Glittered Resin Ornament part 1

A couple weeks ago I created a silicone mold from a plaster Christmas ornament,
you can find the step by step directions here

Today I am going to share how to create a personalized glittered ornament using that mold.

 Gather your supplies: EasyCast, ultra fine glitter and the mold.

 Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener.

 Combine the resin and hardener.

 Stir for 2 minutes.

 Pour into another cup and 

 stir for 1 more minute.

 Add ultra fine glitter.

 Pour into the mold.

Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles that rise.
I poured a thin layer as I will let this set and
share part 2 in the next post.

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