Glittered Resin Paperweight

I love glitter!
So, while testing the way different amounts of glitter 
would look with resin...I created this very cool Glittered Paperweight. 

Here is what you will need:
EasyCast® Clear Casting Epoxy
CastinCraft® Opaque Pigment, Black
CastinCraft® Mold Release
CastinCraft® Reusable Mold, Dome
Ultra Fine Glitter, Bronze

Mix resin according to manufacturer's instructions, (click here for step by step instructions)
Mix in a few drops of black pigment, to achieve a rich black color.
Stir in about a teaspoon of glitter.
I loved the way the bronze glitter looked with the black resin...
Spray the mold with mold release and pour the resin in....
Remove any bubbles from the surface with a lighter, or by gently blowing.

 I let this set for a few hours and noticed that most of the glitter had fallen to the bottom of the mold.
So, after 12 hours I made another batch of resin, following the manufacturer's instructions.
This time I added the glitter until...

I was happy with the color...

I poured the resin glitter into the mold.

 Let it set for 24 hours...
 Then popped it out of the mold!

 From this angle you can see all of the glitter that settled on the bottom of the mold and a few flakes of glitter in the black resin...

Looking at it from this angle you can see the extra layer I added of the resin and glitter. 
I love the layers of it....very cool!

From the top you can see how great the glitter looks that had settled on the bottom of the mold...

Have some fun adding glitter to your resin pieces!

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