Properly Mixing EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin is easy to work with and get fabulous results....just remember to follow these easy steps :
 Pour an equal amount of resin and hardener into disposable cups.
 Add the resin and hardener together.
 Stir slowly, scraping the sides and bottom of the cup for 2 minutes, it is good to set a timer for this step.
 Pour resin mixture into second cup.
 Stir slowly for one minute, again scraping the sides and bottom of the cup.
Now your resin mixture is ready to pour...or add some color.
You can add pigments, paint, glitter...even powders, they all have a wonderful go ahead and play to see what you like the best!
 Here I used Iridescent Bronze Powder, a little goes a long ways....
I sprayed my molds with some Castin' Craft Mold Release to prepare it for the resin.
 I then poured my resin into a few different molds.  If there are any air bubbles 
you can simply run a lighter over the resin and they disappear.
Let set for 24 hours and pop the resin pieces out.
This piece turned out gorgeous and looks kind of like a tiger eye stone...
I added a bail to the back of this piece and placed it onto a necklace!

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