A Valentine Rose Which Will Last Forever!

 Here is a little rose to salute Valentine's Day.  I used Envirotex Lite in a shallow mold to make it.  I wrote about this mold in January and I am still having fun with it.
Two observations.  
One, that I made an un-coloured rose by just pouring Envirotex Lite resin into my rose shape.  Here is the rose cured.  
Two, the Japanese paper I applied to the back of the rose is white and gold.  As you can see it is quite opaque.
 However, when I applied a glaze of Envirotex Lite to the back, so that I could stick the paper to the underside of the rose, magic happened.  The white went clear!
 I glazed the back twice.
My last step was to attach a glue-on bail to turn the rose into a pendant!

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