Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jewelry Resin - Making Roses and Testing New Ideas!

 I just finished this necklace last night.
Can I have some applause please?
This rose themed necklace is a real experiment!
 Let's begin with some inspiration.  
This is a wood rose pendant.  It is $ pricey $.  
I really like it but it is so heavy that I am having a hard time figuring out what to string it to.  
I wanted a lighter red rose pendant.
 This is a mold for fondant.  Normally, candy molds and resin don't do well together.  Surprise.  This one is great! I have been working and testing the new Jewelry Resin and I don't like to waste a drop.  So last week whenever I had extra, I added a red pigment to it and poured it in a mold.
 These molds are shallow...perfect for Jewelry Resin which is designed to be used in bezels.  
Here is my first red rose!
 I have another rose mold for baking miniature rose shaped brownies (accept no brownies were ever baked.) I only filled these cavities to about the 1/3 depth mark.
 That's how I ended up with these new red roses.  
Then I discovered something interesting.  The bigger rose was matte and the smaller ones were very glossy.  Clearly, the mold type effects the outcome.
 I wanted all the roses to be glossy, so I applied a glaze of uncolored Jewelry Resin to the matte rose and voila...they match!
 Here is how I choose to string them together.
This necklace is what happens when you take the time to experiment with resins, colorants, molds and ideas.  I learn by making mistakes. Happily, these experiments all worked out well.   Hope you like it!


  1. The roses are spectacular! I've only just started to play around with resin. But am having fun so far.

  2. Carmi, those roses are great. I have all those molds and us them with polymer clay. They are great with that too.

    Can I borrow some of your imagination and energy?

  3. It was suppose to say use them, not us them. See I do need your energy. My brain's dead today.

  4. So pretty! Isn't that interesting that they came out with different finishes? I somehow ended up in the baking aisle at the craft store recently and was so excited to see all of the molds. They're such amazing tools~

  5. LOVE the roses!! Have played with resin just a little bit - you really inspire me.

  6. *clap, clap, clap* Can you hear me giving you your applause? Well deserved. Very cool project Carmi!

  7. Thanks everyone!! I had a great time working on this project!!

  8. Great project! I'm fascinated by the matte vs. shiny finishes. Do you have any idea what would be in the molds that would make them react so differently? Just curious. Love the roses!

  9. HOW COOL...I want to make one just like it. I love this blog and have got some many good ideas from it. I haven tried them yet but I hope to soon. Lori B.

  10. They look like they turned out awesomely.
    That brownie mold looks silicone-ish. I love using silicone molds with resins; it's just that they kinda degrade after you flex them too much. Fortunately, it withstands a lot of flexing.

  11. Really pretty, I love making resin jewelry.

  12. hi there-i've played with resin, but not for years. i was so happy to find your blog today. i would love to get back into it, and i think it is great that you offer us the chance to read the books for free!! thanks, that doessn't happen very often. kathy r

  13. Hey! I have been searching for a rose shaped mold for a while. Where did you get that purple one? The brownie mold? It's so neat!

    1. The brownie mold I found on Amazon!


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