Thursday, February 23, 2012

Envirotex Lite And The Dollar Store Butterfly

 Last year I made a necklace that featured a butterfly I glazed with Envirotex Lite.  I found another one on a recent trip to the dollar store and decided to make a second piece.

 The butterfly is made with feathers and appears to be hand painted.  I am so surprised that this only cost $1.
 When I brushed on a glaze of Envirotex Lite resin the paint really popped.  I let this side of the butterfly cure for 24 hours.
 Then I painted on a glaze layer to the back side.  This will make my butterfly much stronger and I neglected to do that the first time I made a resin butterfly.
When the backside was cured I applied a third glaze, just to the front side.  My butterfly is very strong now!

This necklace is a showstopper!
If you want to read more about other items I have glazed with resin check out this post.


  1. That is just gorgeous, great original use for the resin!

  2. This is sooooo cool and pretty! I worked with resin years ago! I want to make this some day!!!!!

  3. Beautiful! I am curious how the holes were put in the butterfly so that it could be attached to the necklace.

  4. I just punched a hole with a 1/8 hole punch!


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