Envirotex Lite As A Glaze - The Feather Butterly

 I have a new necklace design idea to share with you today!
It begins with this dollar store feather butterfly.  I found it earlier in the week and was so surprised it was a dollar.  The feathers even have some additional hand painted decoration.  I do like feathers but they are very fragile.  I wanted to wear the butterfly as a necklace and coating it with resin will make it a sturdy pendant.
I mixed up a small batch of Envirotex Lite.  As always, it is a 1 to 1 ratio and the instructions are in the box. 
Then I used a brush to coat both sides of the butterfly.  This is messy work so I wore gloves.  You need to make sure both sides are evenly coated.  Keep in mind that whatever brush you use will need to be thrown away afterward.  You can't wash resin out of the brush.
Then you need to move the butterfly to a clean spot on your non stick work surface when you are sure it will not drip extra resin.   This was my second move.  I came to look at it after 15 minutes and realized that resin had pooled near the butterfly body.  This would have cured hard and clear but it would have been difficult to sand away. Then I left the butterfly undisturbed for 48 hours.
I left the excess dripped resin right on the work surface.  In 12 hours this will just peel completely away.
The butterfly dried beautifully!  You can still see the fragile feathers and now the painted wings look even better under the glaze.  I really like this finished necklace!  It looks even better on a white t-shirt!

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