Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words In Resin - Using Peel-Offs

This is my third post about getting words and text to float in resin.  
If you check out Monday and Tuesday you'll get a few more great ideas as well.
 One of the paper crafting items you may not have noticed are these metallic coloured sticker sheets refered to as peel-offs or deco stickers.  There are many types of these sheets featuring corners, borders, flowers and so many other decorative imagery.
For this sample I applied one great sentiment.  The gold words "peel off." They are adhesive backed stickers and attach easily.  They are super sticky!  You have to be sure you are placing them where you want them.  If you have never found these peel offs in your travels I can refer you to a great Canadian source:  Ecstasy Crafts.
Here is my bottle cap filled to the brim with the new Envirotex Jewelry Resin.  Look how fantastic my dome turned out!


  1. oooh, here's a thought. What about temporary tattoos? I use them on domino pendants, and you can see right through them. Some are small enough to fit into bottle caps. I'd like to see how they would work. You just have to make sure the background is a light color.

  2. oooh yeah! Would that work? Sounds like a fun idea to make something new!

  3. A few posts back you had a clear 'gem' disappear in the resin and IIRC you said there was a chemical that would disolve the resin? I'm curious, if you covered real diamonds with resin in a large form would they completely disappear or would light hitting it just right still refract? If they're completely hidden and could be released later, wouldn't this be the perfect way to smuggle diamonds? Anyone want to write story?

  4. Do you know when and where the jewelry resin will be available in the US? I'm anxious to give it a try. No matter how hard I try, the bubbles always foil me.

  5. That is one supersized dome!
    Moonshadow asked about diamonds under resin. Mine are way too small to put in resin plus I don't have enough of them to experiment with!!! But, my understanding is that Swarovskis will retain their facets if they are large enough. The small 3mm-4mm ones lose their facets under resin and just look like little spots of bright light or mirrors - a pretty cool effect in itself!
    I'd love to hear anyone else's experience with crystals.

  6. Hello Jana, the Michaels Crafts Stores will get it first. I understand they will be in stock next month (December) but I will do a blog post when I am sure!

  7. On the diamonds front....I have tried clear gem stones and they are hard to see so I usually use a coloured crystal. Check out this blog post:
    A strange phenomenon is not all plastics are the same...I definitely use glass crystals because some plastic crystals dissolve and disappear in resin...and yet a few are okay....stick to real glass (or diamonds if you have them!

  8. Hello CreatedbyWendy...I have not tried a tattoo, but if I find one in my travels I will give it a whirl!

  9. Thanks for the reply, Carmi. I'm eager to give this new resin a whirl!


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