Words In Resin - Using Rub-Ons

 Here is a "thank you" bottle cap embellishment!
Yesterday I started this short series on getting text to float in resin.  These are the bottle caps I prepared for my samples.
 You may not know that rub-ons are a great way to add artwork or layers in resin.    Here is my text rubbed onto a layer of resin.
 Like I do with paper, I still protected this layer with mod-podge.  Then I poured the new Envirotex Jewelry Resin into the bottle cap to finish this sample. 
 I wanted to remind you that not all rub-ons are alike!  My first idea was different than what I ended up with.
 I used a different set of rub-ons for my first experiment.
 As you can see, it did not rub onto the surface very well.  Some rub-ons are not very good and lose their transferability if stored too long.
 I used my glue pick up thingy (I never know what this is called) to just erase those rub-ons and started with the new words.
I think "thank you" was a much better sentiment!