Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Make A Bauble Wearable

On Tuesday my "back to school" post featured some pencil nubbins I embedded in EasyCast.
A few of you wanted to know how I turn items I make in a mold into something wearable.  
I have two favorite techniques to share.
 You can use screw eyes.  These are woodworking accessories. I found some that were teeny tiny in a hardware store.  Because my baubles were clear I knew that the embedded screw eye would be visible and I was okay with how that looked.
 You can simply screw in one of these "eyes."  I use a tiny dollop of left over resin at the very top of the screw eye before the final twist.  This will help secure that screw in place.  You can also find them in gold or silver.
 For the double pencil nub bauble I used a silver screw eye because I attached it to a cell phone dangle.
 These dangles are components you can find in beading/jewelery stores.  I get mine through John Bead in Toronto.
 My absolute favorite technique is to glue "bails" to the back of a bauble.  Bails are available in many shapes and sizes.  I have a link to a selection here.
 You glue them on on the back and then you have a simple dangle set into place.  I also use a little left over resin as the glue.   
 Isn't that perfect!

There are bails that you attach by drilling a simple hole through the molded piece.  
I'll show you that in a sample tomorrow!


  1. Brilliant... you got me dreaming of teacher gifts :)

  2. It is so nice to see artist share tips .So many won't .Chris Maqueira got me curious to try resin with her lovely pressed flower art jewelry. I have yet to even open my box of resin ,but come here often just to tempt myself to try.
    I really like the pencil idea in the resin. When I worked at the school I would have loved to seen those ! thanks again for sharing!

  3. Oh! I'm so glad you shared this! I've been looking everywhere for bails but I didn't know what they were called so was having a hard time. Thank you~

  4. Thanks for the how to. These ideas are the springboards to using the cast baubles in all sorts of ways in all sorts of crafts. Keep it coming!

  5. Those are soo cute! I'm getting closer to trying resin! :)

  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Couldn't you just stick an eye pin in while it cures?

  7. Yes! These are wonderful and so much fun! I'm definitely getting one of those kits straight away! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Can you do photographs in resin?

    1. Photographs can be coated. If coating with an epoxy product the photo must first be sealed. An easy way seal is with white craft glue that dries clear. Three thin coats, each one dry before the next. The last should sit 24 hours before coating.


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