Back To School Resin Craft With EasyCast

 Pencil Baubles!  Aren't these little pencil nubs the sweetest?
 I wanted to share a great idea on the day known as "back to school" for most of us in Canada.
 I made these pencil baubles with two pours of EasyCast.  The first pour filled the mold to the 1/3 point.  I let this set for about 30 minutes allowing the resin to gel a little.  Then I added my pencil nubs and let this cure overnight.  Finally, I made a second batch of EasyCast and filled the mold to the brim.
 I plan to turn these into something wearable!
 When I was working on the pencils I noticed that the shaving from the sharpener were pretty neat too.
I added them to a mold too.
 Look how beautiful this turned out!
EasyCast is really EASY to work with!
EasyCast is a two component, 
low odor
solvent free, 
clear casting epoxy. 
It’s ideal for casting small decorative items!

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