Can I Blame the Studio?

 I had the sweetest bezels to share with you today.  Note the use of the word "had."
 My bezel project began as it normally would.  
I selected these kokeshi images, cut them, placed them in the bezel and then used Ultra Seal to seal the paper and protect it from the resin.  I added Envirotex Lite to each bezel after all the glue dried clear.
See how great they turned out?  I decided I wanted to add a dome.  I have demonstrated the doming technique several times on this blog.  I have added domes to lots of pieces.
 So you can imagine my surprise when I had an over-pour.
 Not once, not twice.....
....but with all six of my samples!
I just moved into my new studio so I am wondering if my table is sloped???
Tomorrow I'll show you how I can save this project.

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