The Resin Doming Technique Explained!

First, let's begin with a little eye candy.  I have a very cool new bracelet.  It is made of vintage watch parts and an old dis-assembled bracelet .
Last week I posted this image of some resin I poured into some old watch faces.  Notice how the resin leveled out?  It created a nice flat surface.  I could have stopped there but a few of you have been asking about "doming."  I think there might be confusion because some resin sellers say their resins dome and others do not.  You make the resin dome.  It doesn't dome for you.  And I am going to show you how easy it is to do with Envirotex Lite.
This was my watch face with one layer of resin.  I added a few glitter dots to the surface and let them dry.
Then I mixed up Envirotex Lite as I normally would and chose to pour it into this tiny squeeze bottle.  Now I can control the amount of resin I pour.  See how it already is doming?  Resin is thick.  As long as you can provide it with a border it will keep the shape.
With my squeeze bottle I was able to control how much resin was now on the watch face, one drip at a time.
 That tiny edge kept the dome's shape.  I LOVE THIS technique!  You'll also notice that when you pour resin onto dried resin there are almost no bubbles to deal with.
 If you had poured resin onto a flat surface it would just spread until the dome was gone.
The only thing you need to worry about with this technique is working somewhere flat and sturdy.  You don't want to bump these and have resin start pouring down one edge....once it starts, it all follows.  These domes dried perfectly after sitting for 48 hours.
That would be the end of my lesson but I thought I would tell you how I made the bracelet.  I found an older piece of costume jewelry in my stash. 
 I broke it up for spare parts and then rebuilt my bracelet!
It is so unique!  This one is a keeper!

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