Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bezel Week - Real Flowers and Paper Flowers!

Today I am presenting two of my favorite techniques, adding real and paper flowers to a bezel.
I am working with the brand new line of bezels that I announced in yesterdays blog post.  I'll be giving a set of these away this Friday!  Thank you John Bead!
For the real flowers I worked in these earring bezels.  They are very shallow, so I knew I would do only one resin pour.  My first step was to place some vintage paper into the bezel.  You can see the gel medium I used to protect this paper from the resin.  I covered the paper three times with the gel medium letting each layer dry (around 15 minutes per layer) between applications.  Then I added the tiny roses and brushed gel medium (you can use Mod Podge) over the roses three times as well. (Again, around 15 minutes per layer)
When everything was dry I poured a tiny amount of Envirotex Lite resin into each bezel covering the roses competely.  Now they are permanently protected. 
The next bezel was one I was really excited to work with.  This copper oval bezel is so beautiful.  It is very deep, so I prepared to do two resin pours.  First, I found a paper rose I wanted to place in the bezel.  This gave me an opportunity to show you a special technique that will save you so much time!
It is hard to cut an oval.  What I do is run a marker brush over the edge of my bezel. This turns the bezel into a temporary stamp.
 See!  I know exactly what to cut!
I placed the oval cutout into my bezel.  It fit perfectly!  As before, I brushed three layers of gel medium over this paper rose.  When all was dry, I poured about 1/8 of an inch of Envirotex Lite resin into the bezel.  I hope you can see that first layer of resin.  Then I waited until the resin cured. (48 hours)
Working on the resin surface is fun!  Now I added some paint, glitter and a few embellishments to the first resin layer.  When it was dry, I poured in my second and final layer of resin right to the brim.
Now my copper pendant looks multi-dimensional.  The additions I made after the first resin pour look like they are suspended in glass.  Do you like it?


  1. I really love the work and the detail is so perfect...
    thank you for sharing!

  2. The bezels are really neat, and I love what you've done with them!!

  3. Very nice. Your stamp technique is brilliant!


  4. Ooooooh, these are so pretty!

    Please, what are those little dotty things off to the left in the 8th photo from the top?

    Thanks so much,

  5. I am somewhat new to making resin jewelry. Your blog is great! I've found some super info. Other than Envirotex, have you used any other resins? I've been working with Gel Du Soleil and ICE resin. I've learned the hard way about thoroughly sealing images!

  6. I've been experimenting lately and your advice about double pour is great! I need to have patience. :)


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