Bezel Week - Envirotex Lite Resin and Apoxie Clay

This ring will be my last special post for bezel week.  I'll have many more posts featuring bezels in the future.  I wanted to celebrate the launch of the new bezels that John Bead gave me to sample and do a product give-a-way to my readers.  You can read about the bezels in Monday's blog post.
 This is the bezel ring I started with for today's sample.  It is nice and deep!
I have been wanting to test an idea I had and the ring gave me the perfect opportunity for an experiment.  I wanted to combine the look of a matte black Apoxie clay with the shine of Envirotex Lite resin.
Apoxie clay is relatively new to the market place.  John Bead is featuring it as a new item to use with their bezels.  Apoxie clay is pre-coloured and you mix two parts to get an epoxy clay that is ready to use.  What makes it special is that it air dries as opposed to most clays that have to be baked.
My first job was to add my image of Audrey Hepburn in the bezel.  When my image was secure and dry (see other bezel blog entries to review how to add a paper image) I placed a small crescent moon shape into the bezel.  (I hope you can see it in the picture above.)
The Apoxie clay is ideal for working with diamond backed crystals.  You push these crystals directly into the clay and once they clay dries the crystals are all set into place permanently.  On the opposite side of the ring I added a few paint dots as embellishments.
I placed my ring into a bottle top so I had a level surface.  I poured in a small amount of Envirotex Lite resin in the remaining available space.  The paint dots on the resin side look like three dimensional beads now.
My ring is now completely dry.  The black clay is solid and holding my crystals into place and Audrey is visible through the glass-like resin!

With blogger down for more than a day I am a little worried about doing a give-a-way today.  I also noticed that my Thursday post is missing and I might need to re-write it.  So to be fair to everyone I will have a blog give-a-way on Monday.  And this is what I'll be giving away: There are five individually packaged bezels that I featured this week.
Have a wonderful weekend and pop by Monday for details on how to enter the draw!

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