How To Pour Resin Into an Open Space - Part One

 This very pretty open back pendant can be turned into a bezel.
 Ideally you have a piece of double-sided or strong tape that you can tape against the back covering it with one piece.  
 I did not, so I had to use two pieces of tape stuck neatly side by side.
With my tape firmly burnished to the back of the pendant I dropped in a very shallow pour of Jewelry Resin.  I want to work in this bezel so I need the depth for my future inclusions.
 After a full 36-48 hour hour cure, my resin is very solid.  
I can peel away the tape without the resin stretching.
My back now has a clear solid wall.  I need to clean up these extra tape smudges and begin working in my now solid backed bezel.

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