Candle Holders With EasyCast

I have a fun new idea to share with you - candle holders with EasyCast!
EasyCast is the best resin to use for this project because, as you can see, I have fairly deep pours in my glassware.
EasyCast was designed to be poured into molds, and my glassware is like a deep mold.
 At first I planned on making just one candle holder featuring my mini people.  However, once I got started, I could not stop planning my next projects.  All you need are:
1. EasyCast
2.  Glassware - these were stacked.
3.  Mini people and all sorts of interesting embellishments.
 I glued my people to the bottom of the glassware.  This was not as easy as it might look.  The glassware base was not level and the people kept toppling over.  Once I finally had them set I placed my second glass in place and poured in EasyCast.
 Then I filled a second project with left over beads.
 My third project has a bunch of old game pieces.  
 Here is my permanently encased people candle holder.
 The leftover beads project I finished in several pours. Now my beads look like they are floating in water.
 The game pieces look so bright and colourful.  I am so glad I did not through these pieces away.
I purchased batter powered candles for my finished candle holders.  I love these because I never have to worry about fire or melting anything.

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