Retro Fabric Transfer to Clay in Nunn Design Bezels

This brooch and earring set features new bezel components from Nunn Design.  The colour design you are seeing is a transfer to clay technique I have already featured several times on this blog.
My work table looked like this when I started the project.  Our Jewelry Clay makes this project so simple. My "retro fabric" images were printed onto sheets of Print n' Press transfer paper.
 I filled my Nunn Design bezels with Jewelry Clay.
 The I pressed the clay filled bezels onto my transfer paper.  I let this cure in place overnight.
While the clay was still wet I also brushed some pink Pearl-Ex powder around the inside edges to cover any clay that might be visible later. 
 See how the powdered edges make these three bezels look finished?
When you remove your clay from the Print n' Press sheet you may notice a cloudy surface.  There is some excess powder because these sheets were designed for iron-on applications.  You will need to seal the surface and the best way to do that (without moving any of the colour) is by spraying the surface with a sealer.
I use Resin Spray to seal my transfers, powders or painted applications.
You can also use an acrylic spray or brush a decoupage medium quickly over the surface being careful that the the brush strokes don't move the ink jet colours.
Nunn Design has a new collection which means I will have several posts featuring some of their new products.  I'll also have a give-a-way at the end of the week so you can win the whole new collection!

This is the book I used for the images.

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