Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Six

Artist:  Ann Widner
Ann's work is well know to me because of her Little Visions Photo & Jewelry Art website.  I was so pleased to have her join this project.  Ann wrote: 
"This is the beautiful face of my great aunt, Anna Hohn, as a young woman living in Germany during World War I." 
The face appears to be painted.  It is a standout submission for its simplicity and elegance.
 Artist:  Liz Norton
Liz sent me a wonderful letter detailing her process for this submission.  Six layers of resin resulted in a piece that stopped me in my tracks when I opened the envelope. 
 Clearly, Liz is a patient resin artisan.
The first layer encased a piece of origami paper.  The second covered tiny stars and flowers.  The third layer was over a few more stars and a pit of a plastic fern.  The fourth layer encased stars and polymer clay leaves and flowers.  Liz, noted these moved a little as she did not glue them in place...The fifth layer included the butterfly and more white flowers.  She had a tiny over-pour at this point that she dealt with beautifully.  That lead to the final unplanned sixth layer of resin to even out her dome.  A wonderful submission!
Artist: Janice Fuller
Janice's submission has given me so many ideas.  To begin, the edge of the bezel was covered with a circle of clay.  She embedded metal leaves (wings) and rhinestone chain into the clay to frame her piece.  Her time flies imagery and watch parts were covered in resin and I see some suspended markings and lines showing that a second pour was used to finish her bezel.  
 Artist:  Lisa Menou
Lisa's landscape featured wired miniatures.  The blue painted background is partially glittered,  Her wire sun and trees must have been embedded in the first layer of resin.  Clouds and grass appear suspended in a second layer.  It was a very unusual submission and I was excited to see how wire work appears encased in this way.
 Artist:  Suzanne Czosek
"Discover Time" by Suzanne featured the iconic bee.  The background has a series of embedded rhinestones that reminded me of a honey I was seeing bees whether the artist wanted me to or not.  Her chain is partially embedded into the resin in a few key spots so that her heart charm dangles at just the right spot.  The collaboration between the ribbon and the insect's rhinestone colouring is perfect.  It is a presentation piece.
 Artist:  Jennifer Robin
"Space and Time" is another submission that I wish I could show to you in 3D.  Her silvery glittered and painted background is so lovely.  Her watch parts are suspended and appear to be free falling.  The addition of a little bit of the silver metallic colour to the bezel itself antiqued it beautifully.
 Artist Edie Malin
I am so glad Edie sent me a note with her submission or I would not have known that she made the skull embellishment herself using resin and a mold.  The skull was then painted white with acrylic paint. The background in the pocket watch is a doodle she did and painted herself.  A layer of resin held her skull, flowers and rhinestones in place.  A hand made name charm was the finishing touch.
Artist:  Susie Bedell
Susie's pocket watch has captured a sea scape.  A sandy beach with tiny shells and a turtle charm allow you to look up to the palm trees and dancing dolphin.  There are layers and layers of glittered paint and shades of blue to create this gorgeous blue back ground.  The addition of the metal chain and charms finishes this piece delightfully.  

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