Jewelry Clay Klimt Buttons

 It is possible to make wearable art with just a few items.  
I hope you like these Klimt one of a kind buttons!
 We launched our new Jewelry Clay in January.  It has been a wonderful year of experimentation and techniques building for myself.  Yesterday I printed my favorite Klimt painting onto a sheet of Print 'n Press Transfer paper.  
(I have several posts using this techniques so just scroll down the side of the blog to the Print 'n Press link.)
 I made two circular shapes and simply pressed them into the transfer paper.
 I then brushed Luminarte Primary Elements Artist Pigment "Blushing Rose" across the back of my resin clay.  I made sure I had powder pressed into all the edges of my button shape.
 I made two little holes and left everything as you see it to cure overnight.  I never brush away the powder...whatever is extra will simply brush off later.
 Here is my button freshly peeled from the transfer sheet!  I let this continue to cure for the next 24 hours.  I then sprayed my button with Resin Spray to seal my transfer and colour.
 Don't the edges look amazing?
2013 was indeed my year for Jewelry Clay!
This is the Resin Spray!

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