Resin Time - Is Anytime!

Ah yes, this timepiece says 
"take time to smell the roses....."
If you work with resin, it says.....
"take time to dry some roses and embed them in resin......"

Did you miss my post on Friday?  Here it is again because I don't want to miss anyone!
Announcing Our Special Project
Resin Time is Anytime!
With so many talented followers it is time for me to showcase your work on both our blog and at a super event we attend in January: The Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show  (CHA).

Would you like to submit a resin project?  
Isn't it "time" you showed your own work?
I want to send 100+ of these watch face bezels to anyone who promises to mail it back as a completed project by mid November. (This project is only open to Canadian and USA participants this year.)

Your watch face will be photographed and then I will be displaying them all in our huge booth at CHA in California in January.  That is the biggest crafting event in the world and I want your resin timepiece to be with me!  

I plan to have a judging committee to select the top 10 favorites, which will be further featured on Resin Crafts Blog!

Just email me at telling me you want to join in and send along your mailing address.
I will be asking you to submit projects using our resins or resin clay!  
The bezels and instructions will be mailed in the next week.

In the mean time, I will be posting my own samples of what I do with my Resin Time watch pieces!