Hobby Lobby and Jewelry Clay

These are "Alice’s Tea Party Rings."

Everything you need to make them I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Envirotex Jewelry Clay
Pearl Ex
7/8 Inch Circle Bezel Rings #910323L
Mayberry Street Cherry Tea Set Miniatures #6055303
 1.  Following the instructions in your package of Envirotex Jewelry Clay make a small batch of clay and gently pat it into your bezel opening.  Note that my clay does not overflow the edges of the bezel ring.  For the first ring, select the miniature dish ware you would like to insert into the bezel.  I also added a tiny polymer clay cupcake to my ring.  The clay allowed me to place my items into the bezel ring at a slight angle.  I used a tiny circle of clay to set the cupcake on the plate permanently.
 2. The second ring features stacked dish ware. 
 3.  The stacked ring does not show any clay when it is complete.  
I used the clay as glue and it allowed me to work in 3D.

 4.  Brush Pearl-Ex powder over the entire surface of the clay filled ring with the exposed clay.  The powder will only cling to the clay, which makes it an ideal coloring technique.  You can brush away any excess powder after the clay is cured.  I choose this green colour so it looks like my tea service is taking place on grass.

5.  Your project will be ready to wear in twenty-four hours.   I am certain your new ring will be a favorite at Alice’s Tea Party.

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