Making Molds!

 My table is set up to do some fun mold making projects this week!
I purchased this vintage pin in an antique market in Paris.  I really want to duplicate it and I was wondering if EasyMold would be able to capture all these fine lines.
 EasyMold is a very popular mold making product.  Earlier this month I launched our new video showing you how simple and fun it is to make a mold with it!
 All I need are two equal portions of product kneaded together to make my mold.  (This is explained in the video and in the package instructions)
 Here is my vintage pendant in EasyMold.
 25 minutes later...I see that my mold looks spectacular!  I need to let the mold rest for 24 hours before I pour resin into it, so I'll show you those steps tomorrow!

Here is the link to our new video explaining how to use EasyMold!

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