Special Edelweiss Bracelet - Part ONE

Last year right about this time I did a blog post featuring some vintage dried flowers I placed in this open back bezel.  The little bauble has been on my studio table for a while because I really wanted to do something special with it.

Then I located this unfinished bracelet.....my bauble fit perfectly!
It took me almost a year to locate two more matching open back bezels.  I taped one side and poured in a very thin layer of resin.  By letting a resin layer cure before I add flowers, I create a sold glass-like base for the project.
Earlier this spring, I found this vintage postcard from Austria featuring dried Edelweiss.  This is one of my favourite flowers since I am half Austrian!
The flowers were glued to the post card, so I carefully cut them out keeping part of the card to hold the flower together.
In this project, the bottom will be the top...
so I am working upside down.  
I have added Envirotex Lite resin and will wait 24 hours before I see how this looks!
Part two tomorrow!

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