Sequins and Halloween Molds - Glue Delay!

Well, this is a first for me.
I have a glue delay.  
I need to postpone the game!
Yesterday I showed you how I layered my mold with a thin layer of EasyCast, followed by my Halloween sequins.  The sequins I glued in place with mod-podge.  Can you see how some of the glue has not dried clear yet?  It is trapped under the sequin and it has been 24 hours!  So, I need to wait...maybe even another full day.
When you work in a mold, you usually work upside down.  Luckily, I flipped my mold over to peak at my design and noticed the glue was still not dry.  If I had not looked, I might have poured in my next layer of EasyCast and the glue would have looked like this permanently.

I already know that mod-podge should be left to really dry for 24 hours before you pour resin over it...but I thought my pieces were so tiny that they might dry faster.

You can not rush the process.  
Patience is a virtue for resin artisans!

Halloween Cabochons - Part One

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