Nunn Design New Rings!

 There are days that I post projects that really make me happy!
These new rings from Nunn Design were a pleasure to work in!
 Yesterday I showed you some of the new pendants in the Nunn Design summer collection.
 These are the rings I received from Nunn Design and as you can see, on their own they are already very beautiful.  The frames and extra details make them special.
 My first ring features a frog hovering permanently over some text.  Jewelry Resin keeps everything in place and I wanted you to think the frog was near water.
 To match yesterday's pendants I also made some rings with the Tatty Button artwork.  When my images were sealed I poured Jewelry Resin into the bezel.  These projects make up themselves!
 The extra glitter on the edge makes Tatty stand out!
Finally, I had a tea service charm that needed a permanent home.  This is the "tea is served" ring!
I hope you like the samples I prepared.
Are you wondering if I have extras?
You are smart.
I am so glad you read my posts right to the very end!
Come back tomorrow for a BIG GIVEAWAY announcement!

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