Nunn Design Ornate Mini Pendants and Jewelry Resin

Ornate is the perfect word to describe these mini pendants.  
They are tiny jewels all to themselves!
 This week I am showcasing some of the components Nunn Design sent me.  They are ideal for projects involving Jewelry Resin.  These mini pendants are part of the Winter 2012 collection at Nunn Design.  You really need to take a peak at their on line gallery; it is jam packed with inspired designs!
 The mini pendants are are a great way for you to use up those index sheets you get when you print your pictures.  My home printer will even give me an index sheet if I ask it.
 I was thinking a lot about my personal charm bracelet over the weekend.  Isn't a charm bracelet so wonderful?  Mine is full of charms and there full full of memories!  Now I can make my own charms.  I thought this one would be a great first charm for my niece.
 Here are my parents.
 This bracelet would allow me to add many more charms.  I love the copper colours.
 And finally here I am with my husband.
This charm is now on my own very old bracelet.  I plan to make a few more additions to highlight other milestones.  Nunn Design is available is available at lots of on line stores.  Here is a link to where you can purchase their components.  I am going to need a few more myself!

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