Nunn Design and Jewelry Resin

 This bezel is very unique and I hope it caught your eye!
 This is the third day I am blogging about Nunn Design.  I would like to give you a little hint today.
When I focus this much on one company...there is usually a give-a-way won't believe what I announce Friday.

 You might be wondering why I referred to this raised tag as a bezel.  There are two sides to this design and I'll show you what I did to the back.
 I attached a small piece of this gorgeous Chiyogami paper from The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.
This is the one and only instance where I tell you NOT TO protect 
the paper with several layers of mod podge.
 When you apply a glaze layer of Jewelry Resin (or a pour) the white areas of this special paper becomes translucent.  This is a technique I love!!  
This is the pendant 20 minutes after I applied the glaze layer.
 I always use a paint brush to apply my glaze.  It would be the same as painting on a varnish, accept our resin is equal to 50 layers of varnish with one coat!  I made sure to monitor my piece and wiped away any tiny drips.
 Didn't it cure beautifully?
 Now, here is the back.  
See, the reverse side of the tag is more of a bezel.
When I wear this necklace now it won't matter if the pendant twists around.  
Either side is a pleasure to see.

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