Resin On Canvas - Two Techniques

 I have two sweet canvases hanging in our kitchen.  I have been learning some flower painting techniques this summer and some of my experiments have turned out really well.  Since I wanted these two sunny paintings to hang in the kitchen, coating them in resin will make them waterproof and resistant to any food or water back splash.
There are several ways to coat a canvas.  I mixed up a batch of Envirotex Lite for the first technique.  You can learn a lot more about this by watching the YouTube video ETI has on their website.
 I poured the resin on the canvas and let it drip over the sides.  Do you see the drips?  These can cure like this, so it is important to keep brushing these drips away with a pop cycle stick for the first hour.
 The second technique is a little trickier.  I tape the edges of my canvas forming what looks like a bezel.
 This holds the resin on the surface.  Resin does not drip down the sides.
 Instead, get a thick layer of resin that looks like glass when everything is cured and you remove the taped edges.
This is my favorite technique.  I did sand the edges to get this nice smooth beveled edge.

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