Resin Christmas Ornaments

On Tuesday I shared how to make a mold for a Christmas ornament using Silicone Putty and today I will share the results of using the mold.

Here is the finished mold.

I decided to use FastCast™ to create an ornament,   FastCast™ is such a great product because it sets up in just 10 minutes.  Measure out equal parts of parts A and B.

Stir together for 30 seconds.  Pour into a second mixing cup and mix for another 30 seconds.  This additional step insures a complete and thorough mix. 

Then, immediately pour into your mold.  As FastCast™ begins cure, the mixed solution with heat up and begin to turn a dull white.  

Once cast (about 10 minutes) the piece will become bright white in color.

Results, a perfect resin ornament.

I painted the ornament with Sapphire Iridescents.

To finish off, I applied craft glue onto the holly, berries and cap of the ornament and covered with glitter.  Let dry and hang.

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