Jewelry Clay Foiled Pendant and Earring Set

Today we have a beautiful Foiled Pendant and Oval Earring set created by Myléne Hillam using Jewelry Clay and Jewelry Resin.

¨ EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
¨ EnviroTex Jewelry Resin
¨ Silver heart pendant
¨ Silver oval earrings
¨ Mantilla Black Piñata Alcohol Ink
¨ Silver Leaf, sheet
¨ 2 Teflon craft sheets
¨ Talcum powder
¨ Acrylic clay roller
¨ Craft Knife
¨ Latex gloves

Measure out equal parts of Part A and Part B and mix the two parts together thoroughly until no marbling remains.  

Add two drops of alcohol ink and mix it into the clay.  Add two more drops of alcohol ink and work it into the clay thoroughly.  Roll into a ball.

Flatten the ball out with your fingers.  Dust the Teflon sheet liberally with talcum powder and place the clay on the talcum powder.

Place a sheet of the silver leaf onto the surface and use your fingers to press it into contact with the clay.

Dust the second Teflon sheet with a light dusting of talcum powder to prevent the clay from sticking.  Roll the acrylic roller gently across the surface and watch the silver leaf crack as the clay stretches.  Magic!

Remove the Teflon sheet from the top and carefully lift the clay off the Teflon sheet to make sure it doesn’t stick.  Add more talcum powder if necessary.  Continue rolling the clay until it is 1/8” thick taking care that the exposed clay doesn’t stick to the top Teflon sheet.

Press the bezels lightly into the surface of the clay to give you a cutting guide.  

Trim the shapes with the craft knife and then check that they fit inside the bezels.  Trim until they fit the bottom of the bezels and press them down gently and evenly.  Set them aside overnight to cure.

Mix 1 oz of the Jewelry Resin following the instructions on the package.  Use a wooden stir stick to scoop the resin onto the surface of each of the bezels allowing it to dome slightly above the top of the bezel.  Cure, for 24 hours, before wearing.

Designer notes:

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