Resin Coaster with Faux Quilted Gel Press Background

I love quilt designs and using them in projects.  Today I am going to share how to create a one of a kind Resin Coaster using a Gel Press to create the background and then, adding a quilt pattern on top.


Gather all your supplies.

Apply several drops of Iridescent's to the Gel Press with a toothpick.  Use the brayer to blend the colors together.

Place a piece of cardstock over the press and rub.  Remove the cardstock.  Let dry.

Stamp out a quilt pattern onto the dried cardstock with Deep Woods then, heat set it. 

 Use a paper trimmer to cut it down to the size of the tile.

Attach the paper to the tile with Ultra-Seal™.  The, give it two generous coats on the top, letting it dry completely between coats.

Tape the back of the tile.

Measure out equal amounts of EnviroTex resin and hardener.

Mix together for 2 minutes.  Pour the mixture into a second cup and stir for another minute.

Place the tile up off your work surface and pour the resin on.

Wipe away any excess that may drip off the sides.  Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles that rise to the top.  Let dry 12 - 24 hours.

I love the final result!!

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