Metallic Resin Tile

Today I am creating a metalic look on a 6" x 6" tile.  I added Alcohol Inks and Gold Iridescent Powder to EnviroTex Lite® to cover the tile.   

I love the result!

EnviroTex Lite®
Tile, 6" x 6" 
Alcohol Ink: Denim
Iridescent Powder, Gold
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
Cork, 6" x 6" x 1/8"
Painters tape
Craft glue
Plastic to cover work surface


Tape the back of the tile.

 Measure out 2 oz of each the EnviroTex Lite® resin and hardener.

Mix for 2 minutes and then, pour into a second mixing cup and stir for 1 minute.

Raise tile up off the work surface.  Pour the resin onto the tile.  Add several drops of the alcohol ink and some iridescent powder.  Lift the tile from side to side to blend.  Use a toothpick to blend the colors together further, if desired.  Remove any air bubbles that rise with the lighter.  Let dry for 24 hours.  Remove the painters tape from the back of the tile.

 Glue the cork to the tile.  Enjoy!

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