Hot Pink Heart Pendant with Jewelry Clay®

Today we have a beautiful pendant Designed by Myléne Hillam using Jewelry Clay®.


Tip: Because we’re colouring the Jewelry Clay with several drops of alcohol ink, it will be much softer than usual and will not hold its shape for very long after the texture is applied. You will need to work quickly when applying the beads before the clay slumps and the design disappears.  Before you begin, put the gloves on because the Jewelry Clay is sticky and when you add the colorant, it will be quite messy.

 Measure out equal parts of Part A and Part B.

Mix the two parts together thoroughly until no marbling remains.

Dust your gloves with the talcum powder.  Add two drops of alcohol ink and mix it in thoroughly.  If the clay begins to stick to the gloves, powder them again.  Add two more drops of alcohol ink and work it into the clay until it is evenly colored.

Press the Jewelry Clay into the mold and smooth off the surface and neaten up the edges.

Place the texture sheet over the Clay and press it evenly into the surface.  Remove.

Sprinkle the micro-beads onto the pattern in the clay and use a toothpick to quickly move them into the crevices.  If the textured pattern disappears, just create scrolls and swirls in the parts where the pattern is missing.

Press the micro-beads into the surface.

After the Jewelry Clay® has cured for 24 hours, you can easily remove the cast from the mold.

 Mix the 5-minute epoxy adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Apply a small amount to the hollow of the bail and center it on the back of the heart.  Once the epoxy has cured, thread it on a chain and it’s ready to wear.


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