Home Decor Embellishments with Fast Cast™

Today we have designer Madeline Arendt creating with EasyCast™.  

Being fairly new to the product called FastCast™manufactured by Enviromental Technology Inc., and only seeing it demonstrated once, I was looking forward to my own experimentation with it.  As the saying goes, "start small and build", that is what I will share with this post.

A description given of FastCast™ is that it is a two part component.  It is orderless and will sets in 10 minutes.  Pieces can be de-modeled within 10 to 15 minutes.  The cured pieces are hard yet durable.  Pieces can be drilled , sanded, carved, stained and painted.

Silicone mold
Alcohol inks
Alcohol markers
Decorative paper
Craft glue
Mixing Cups
Stir sticks
Plastic sheeting to cover work surface

To make casts from FastCast™ use molds that are made fromSilicone, EasyMold Silicone Putty, Silicone Rubber or Silicone Paste.  Other types of molds most likely require the use of a release spray to de-mold.  ***The manufacturer suggests NOT using molds that are normally used for candy, soap or candles.

I will be honest here, I used a mold that was found in the aisle for candy making and I had great results.  I usually like to experiment and see just how far I can go with products and directions and this one paid off.

I did not want pieces that were as thick as the mold would form.  To determine how much FastCast™ I would need to mix,  I added rice to the mold, filling only as high as I wanted the pieces to go.  The rice was ten dumped into a glass measuring cup.    

 Measure out equal parts of parts A and B.

Stir together for 30 seconds.

Pour into a second mixing cup and mix for another 30 seconds.

I followed with filling the mold.  NOTE: The product becomes very warm and also can begin to thicken quickly so fill your casting molds without delay.  Excess drips can be removed after hardening.

Remove from the mold.

For the table decor pieces here, I added color to the FastCast™ leaves with alcohol inks and markers.

After the coloring process, an easy napkin ring was formed from strips of decorative paper and ribbons.

 A placecard was created using the same decorative paper and die-cutting it along with a simple label, with a bit of burlap ribbon added.  

To top off each accessory, the inked FastCast™ leaves are attached with glue.  

They make a lovely addition to any table setting!  Create embellishments to add to homemade decorations for any occasion, any season.
 Let the holidays begin ~ Madeline.

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