Fast Cast Necklace

Hello, Resin fans! Karen here with a tutorial on making a fast & easy resin necklace.The beauty of this is you can customize it to match your outfit. This would also make great gifts for Christmas. To make this we are using a new product from ETI called Fast Cast Resin and it sets up in 10 minutes!!!

Here is my finished necklace. Love the color, love the style & especially love how easy it was to make!  This Fast Cast Resin is a game changer!

Fast Cast Resin
Easy Cast Jewelry Mold
Mold Release & Conditioner
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
DecoArt Media -Fluid Acrylics, Metallic Lustre
Carabelle Stamp
Archival Ink
Copper Wire

Project Instructions:

First, you need to have all your supplies ready to go.

The casting is very quick so there is no time to start pulling out things once you have begun stirring. 

Spray the mold with Mold Release & Conditioner if needed. Let it dry, this is important. I was impatient and my piece had texture from the spray embedded in it. Fortunately, it is just bonus texture for me!  If you want a smooth finish make sure the mold is dry and smooth.

As per the instructions included pour equal amounts of Fast Cast A & B into a plastic cup. 

Stir with a wood stick for 30 seconds.

Pour into a 2nd cup and with a new stick stir another 30 seconds. Immediately pour into your molds. Be careful not to over pour. You can also drip resin from a stir stick if the mold is intricate to prevent over flowing your mold. I had extra molds standing by in case I had too much resin. I managed to pour 6 molds before I ran out of time & the product would no longer pour.

Wait 10-15 minutes to set. The Easy Cast will gradually turn white as it cures.

Here is the super cool part- once the resin is released from the mold you can easily trim any excess off!!! At this stage, it is a bit pliable- so amazing!

Trim efficiently as the resin does harden further so your finished piece is good & strong. You can still go back & trim it at 1 hour set it is just harder.

Time for paint.  First wash your piece with soap & water, if it was used with Mold Release.  Let dry & you are ready to paint.  I started with a coat of gesso.  This helps give the piece tooth so the paint can adhere to it easily.  Once the gesso is dry add your paint, I did a few coats using Cobalt Turquoise & Cobalt Teal so I would get varying color.  Once this layer is dry, stamp randomly using Archival Ink.  Once the ink is dry, using a finger add Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle to add some highlights.  I recommend painting both sides, so if your piece twists on your neck & shows the backside your jewelry has a finished look.  Spray with a varnish or paint a layer of decoupage glue to protect the surface from scratching off.

To finish, simply wrap copper wire around the jewelry piece creating a loop at the top.  Thread yarn through for the necklace chain.  I used 3 different yarns, tying a knot at the ends to hold them together.  To wear I will simply tie the yarn around my neck.  You can add a lobster closure if you wish.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I encourage you to make some of these necklaces, the possibilities are endless!

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