Groovy Table Lamp using EasyCast®

Today we have designer Myléne Hillam sharing a Groovy Table Lamp using EasyCast®


Wear gloves whilst working with uncured resin.

Spray the frame inside and out with silver spray paint and set it aside  to dry.

Measure out ½ oz each of Parts A and B of EasyCast and mix according to the package instructions.

Add 8 drops of blue dye and stir until the color is evenly mixed.

Pour 1/3 oz of mixed resin into each of three cavities of the mold.  Mix another batch of resin and color it with 11 drops of green dye.  Pour equally into the three remaining cavities.  Set the resin aside to cure.  Demold the rectangles.

Repeat steps 1-3 to cast five more sets of blue and four more sets of green rectangles. Cut each rectangle into two equal squares. All up you will need 36 blue squares (18 rectangles) and 30 green squares (15 rectangles).  

 Measure 3/32” in from each corner of the squares and place a mark.  Drill a hole at each of the marks.  Insert a jump ring into each hole and close it.

Place two green and two blue squares together to form a square so that the colors alternate.  Insert a jump ring through all four jump rings and close it.  Make two more sets of four squares.  

Connect the three sets of four together to form a column.  Create four more columns in the same way. Create one column of blue squares only. Connect all the columns together where the corners of the squares meet. Leave the top and bottom rows free. These will be connected in later steps. Attach the blue column to the end.  Connect each square in the top row to the square next to it with a jump ring.

Hook a jump ring around the top wire of the lamp shade frame and hook on the jump rings that connect the top row of squares together.  Connect the jump rings of the first and last columns together to complete the cylinder. Connect the squares along the bottom row together by opening one jump ring and hooking it through the jump ring next to it.

 Screw lamp kit into the lamp shade frame and insert the bulb.  Enjoy!

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