Gold Marble Serving Tray with EnviroTex Lite®

Today we have designer Myléne Hillam sharing a beautiful Marbled Serving Tray.


Before beginning, put on your gloves to avoid getting sticky while working with the resin. Protect your workspace with the painter’s drop sheet.

Use the foam brush to paint the bottom of the serving tray, on top and underneath with Raw Sienna paint.  Paint the sides of the tray with Rich Gold paint.  Allow it to dry several hours before continuing.  Tape the inside walls of the tray leaving a 1/8” gap from the bottom and burnish well.

Follow the package instructions to mix up 2 oz of EnviroTex Lite.  Pour 1/4oz  into one cup and 1/2oz into the other two cups.  Color the smallest one with Burnt Umber paint and the other two with Raw Sienna and Rich Gold, using only enough paint to make the resin opaque and stirring it thoroughly until it is mixed in.  Color the remaining resin with only enough Warm White paint to make it opaque.

Pour the Warm White resin over the surface of the serving tray and spread it to the edges.

Pinch the top of the cup of the Raw Sienna cup and pour the resin in a thin stream across the white resin at an angle.  Repeat with the Rich Gold resin. 

Dip the wooden stir stick into the Burnt Umber paint and drizzle it thinly across the tray.

Use a paintbrush from the mixing cup set to swirl the colors lightly.  Take care not to over mix them or they will become muddied.

Hold the serving tray vertically to allow the colors to run and blend into each other.  Turn it in another direction to create some more movement. 

Use a stir stick to scrape the excess out of the tray and onto the drop sheet.  Pop any bubbles by sweeping the butane torch across the surface.  Set the serving tray aside to cure.  Remove the tape.  Mix 1oz EnviroTex Lite, pour it into the base of the tray and spread it out to the edges.  Pop any bubbles and set aside to cure.  Tape the outside walls of the tray.

Repeat Steps 2 to 6 to cover the base of the serving tray.  Pop any bubbles with the torch. Once the resin has cured, apply a layer of clear EnviroTex Lite to the surface.  Pop the bubbles and set aside to cure.  Carefully remove the tape once the resin has cured.

Paint a light coat of Metallic Rust paint on all the painted surfaces.  Once dried, use the toothpick to apply adhesive to the back of the filigrees and place them over inside and the outside of the handle openings.

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