Pencil Shaving Paper Weight with EnviroTex Lite®

Hi everyone, Beth here on the blog today to share my tutorial for a quick (except for the drying time...LOL!) and easy Pencil Shaving Paper Weight.

I recently jumped in the adult coloring trend with a set of Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils.  As I was hand sharpening the colored pencils, the shavings were curling and twirling into these beautiful "flowers" and I knew that I had to save them some how.

EnviroTex Lite®
Pencil shavings
Xtreme Tabs by Tombow
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
Was paper
Measuring cup
Emory board


STEP ONE: Secure plastic half sphere mold in  a mason jar with Xtreme Tabs.  TIP: Fill mold with water, then pour into measuring cup to judge how much resin needs to be mixed.  Thoroughly dry inside of mold before the resin is poured.

STEP TWO:  Arrange pencil shavings in plastic half sphere mold, remembering that the bottom will become the top.

STEP THREE: Mix equal parts of EnviroTex Lite® Resin and Hardener in mixing cup.  Mix with wooden stick for 2 minutes.  Pour resin in a second mixing cup and mix with wooden stick for another minute.  Follow all DIRECTIONS for best results.

STEP FOUR: Find a level spot that is out of the way and line surface with wax paper or freezer paper.  Gently pour resin into the mold.  The pencil shavings rose out of the resin a bit, so I submerged them with a stir stick

STEP FIVE: Remove bubbles that rise to the surface with a heat source, like a lighter.  Repeating as needed until the resin is set.

After 24 hours, pop resin out of mold, sand any rough edges with an emory board then place on your desk and ENJOY!

This Pencil Shaving Paper Weight is quite easy to make and would be the perfect gift for a Teacher, a creative Friend or even dear old Dad!

What unusual items can you add to resin to create a unique gift?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

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