Lace Monogram with EnviroTex Lite

Hello Resin Lovers, Beth here on the blog today sharing another great project, a Lace Monogram!  I always have an eye out for objects that I can add dimensional items and resin to, so on a recent trip to the craft store I had a major score with this monogram W!

EnviroTex Lite®
Monogram letter 
Lace, trims, assorted
Buttons, assorted
White craft glue


STEP ONE: I always seal the interior and exterior edges of found objects with glue before filling with resin.  This will seal any small cracks that resin could seep out of and ruin your project.

STEP TWO:  hoard collect interesting lace and trims, so in an effort to use up all those bits and pieces that I just can't throw away, I used them to fill up the inside of my monogram.  Secure the lace and buttons to the base with a matte medium sealer.  

STEP THREE:  Then apply several heavy coats of matte medium to the top of the lace and the buttons to seal them in place.  This will prevent the resin from penetrating the lace and changing the color.

STEP FOUR:  Mix equal parts of EnviroTex Lite┬« Resin and Hardener in mixing cup. Stir with a wooden craft stick for 2 minutes. 

 Pour the resin into a second mixing cup and stir with a wooden craft stick for another minute.  Follow all the manufacturer's DIRECTIONS for best results.

STEP FIVE:  Find a level spot that is out of the way and line surface with waxed paper or freezer paper.  Carefully pour resin into the mold.  I always stop just shy of the top edge of my project to give the resin room to self-level and settle.

STEP SIX:  Remove any bubbles that rise to the surface with a heat source, like a lighter.  Repeating as needed until the resin is set.

Here is a detailed shot of the layers of lace and buttons!   I love how this Lace Monogram turned out and can't wait to hang it on my front door!

Take a look around the next time you are the craft store for items that can be altered with resin!  Share your resin projects on the Resin Crafts FB Page.

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

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